Calavo’s sustainability strategy includes a commitment to long-term ecological balance, environmental soundness and social equity throughout our enterprise. Sustainability is embedded into all of our decision-making processes, whether they occur within our own packing, distribution and manufacturing operations or extend to our individual growers and suppliers from whom we source.

better for you.
better for the planet!

Our goals

Calavo is investing over $4 million for waste reduction, water conservation, recycling and energy control projects over the next four years.

We have aligned with a group of the world’s largest food retailers and providers to eliminate food waste from the supply chain. Calavo is committed to a 50% reduction target within our own operations.

We recently established our first carbon footprint analysis and are developing a long-term carbon reduction roadmap.

Our reports

Download Calavo’s annual sustainability report to learn more about our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and performance.
Download report to review how Calavo continues to improve and innovate to create a fresher, healthier and more sustainable world for us all.
Download our annual sustainability report to learn the variety of ways that we deliver on our environmental, social and governance commitments.

Industry advocate

We are proud to help promote sustainability within our industry through our membership in the following organizations:

Giving back

We donate time, resources, and funds to causes that create a positive impact where we live and work: