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Luz Idle
Serving: Riverside County, San Diego County and surrounding areas
(800) 654-8758

Santa Paula
Guillermina Espinoza
Serving: Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and surrounding areas
(805) 525-4461


Each year brings challenges and opportunities. Calavo Field Managers provide support and services to help growers optimize harvest and
maximize profits:

Crop estimate for planning purposes and harvest strategy

Crop evaluations

Real-time grower information such as current prices and sales trends

Acquaint growers with new products and services as they become available

Timely pack out information: down to the pound, grade, and size of your crop

Delivery of grower supplies such as clippers, picking poles, bags, and other items

Meetings and seminars that improve crop projections, pest control, and market forecasts

Grower statements provide monthly pool summary, annual accounting statement, and all pounds delivered, payments, and deductions

Harvest assistance: crop harvesting, bin delivery and full-bin pickups

field managers

Chris Mann
Director, Procurement
Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties
Direct: (805) 312-2075

Mike Nuñez
Ventura, San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties
Direct: (805) 525-4461

Brandon Walters
Ventura County
Direct: (805) 558-9143

Connor Rose
Ventura, Santa Barbara and  San Luis Obispo Counties
Direct: (805)504-6993

Nick Lahr
Southern Regional Field Manager
Direct: (951) 297-8240

Camille Eaton
Field Manager
Direct: (760) 801-5713

GAP/GHP Certification

Calavo’s experienced field managers can guide you through Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) certifications. The documents below provide information on preparing for certification.

USDA GAP & GHP (relevant pages)
The full version of this document is available on the USDA website

Good Agricultural Practices 
Good Agricultural Practices – Spanish 
Good Agricultural Practices Checklist

Good Harvesting Practices 
Good Harvesting Practices – Spanish 
Good Harvesting Practices Checklist